Silver Saddle Ranch-Hotel

Here at Silver Saddle Ranch, we offer a variety of accommodations which suit the needs for every visitor.

Our hotel rooms are a common favorite for couples with 45 comfortable private rooms available. The central location, makes it easy for guests to get to the pools, ranch house, and other Silver Saddle Ranch amenities.

If you’re looking for a true luxury getaway, then our suites
are the answer. The executive suites offer a true home away from home experience. Our suites provide a luxurious and spacious area with private bedrooms, cooking amenities, and living space.

The hotel also offers private bungalows for those seeking a quiet space for serene relaxation. Our eight bungalows include comfortable bedrooms, a private patio, and tranquil quiet. The bungalows are highly regarded for their proximity to activities and events of the ranch but still being peaceful spaces.

Due to the popularity of weekend usage by our Silver Saddle Club Members, we are unable to offer hotel rooms to the general public for Friday or Saturday night stays. Don’t be discouraged though… Silver Saddle will gladly make every effort to accommodate your Hotel needs for Sunday, Monday or Thursday night stays. Teepees, campsites and our R.V Park are also available and could be a fun alternative if your plans demand a weekend stay.

For a closer stay to the ranch’s pristine scenery, we also offer RV rentals and camping. Both are highly reviewed for their family fun nature in the great outdoors.

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