5 Signs You Need a Vacation Now

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Silver Saddle Ranch knows millennials are notorious for foregoing their hard-earned vacation time. Even though they earn numerous days off per year, they often feel “too guilty” to use it. A 2017 survey conducted by Allianz Global Assistance found 53 perce...

How to Get Started with Stargazing

Woman looking through telescope at beautiful night sky. How to get started stargazing at Silver Saddle Ranch.

Stargazing is a practice that we’ve enjoyed since the beginning of human civilization. There’s something about staring at the sky that has helped us navigate through life’s important journeys. Whether we rely on the stars to safely guide us to our destin...

7 Camping Hacks to Know Before You Go

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Camping can be a wonderful time spent outdoors for those who know how to do it right. Fortunately, there are a number of great camping hacks that can make the experience incredible for both camping novices and regulars alike. For Cal City camping accommodatio...

Best Team Building Activities for Families

Cal city camping for families

Are you and your family members searching for the perfect activities to build your skills as a unit? There are a variety of summer vacation family activities you can try to spend more quality time together. Discover some amazing ideas for team building activit...

Can Camping be Comfortable?

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  The word camping can bring to mind images of nature, tents, and dirt. For some, this is an inviting picture. But for many, camping is not an ideal way to spend time. But camping can be an incredibly fun and comfortable experience with the right resource...

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